Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween at the Merrimaker

Tom and I both worked long days yesterday, getting home around 9:30 PM.  The Merrimaker was having there Scary-oke Costume Contest but we had no time and Tom had no desire to dress.  I rummaged through my closet and found my old LiveOak Music Festival shirt.

The shirt was purchased down in South Beach while I was visiting with my friend Dwayne.  It looks like a denim plaid shirt with a vegetable in every white square.  Hundreds of vegetables.  I always wore it on Thanksgiving, but was getting worn as the years went by.  A few years back, the theme was chosen for our LiveOak camp as Birds of a Feather.  I glued some feathers, added some fringe on the arms and back and tied a leather string with feathers hanging off on the back.  This is it from LiveOak.

I decided to wear this last night and be a bird, a rooster, a cock.  Tom went as an alcoholic.  Funny!  When we arrived, there were a spattering of locals.  Lots of picture taking and then lots of Scary-oke.  I mean Scary!  The highlight of the night were the costumes, which is why I post.

Blurry, Oops.  Janice, Josh & Abby, 3 Little Angels

Jeremy as Sister Mary.  Wonder what the child will look like.

Dustan as Super Gorilla?
George's T

Cynthia's T 

Jimmy Mancini as Mafioso with Rubber Band Ammo

Beauty and the Beast with Angela Lansbury?

Chaz & Cher

Student Joan & Fr. Donovan


Janice, One Lovely Angel

Jeremy's Pregnant Suit

Darth Bunny and Winner of Costume Contest?

Little Bunny

Greek Goddess and her Blind Referee


Always have to have a Jesus

Cute Couple

Another Angel, Josh

Chris Garcia as Chris Garcia

Cute Zombie

Damon & Mac

Mancini and a Mike

Jo the Witch and her Sister

I'm Here

Spartans Behind the Bar

One Busted Skeleton

Needless to say, the last picture is how I felt this morning.  One Busted Skeleton.  Halloween is still two days away, but this guy has had enough tricks for one weekend.  Back to work tomorrow to Stage Manage at the PAC for Pilobolus.  Long day, but about time we start doing some big shows.

What is it?

I say it's an alien's eye.  What do you see.  Comments?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Domestic Partner Registry

So, it is complete.  At least our part.  Today we mailed in our Domestic Partner Registry.  As I mentioned in our previous post, Tom quit his job.  It was a perfect opportunity to register as Domestic Partners.  It is also fitting that after ten years of being together we make it legal.

I must say that I was disappointed in what we had to do and not do in order to do it.  I went to our local county's web site to find out what fees were needed to be paid and to get the proper forms.  To my surprise, there is no form and no fees.  In fact we did not have to go to City Hall at all.  Instead all we had to do was fill out a form from the Secretary of State and mail it in.  Not exactly the pomp I was looking for.  The fee was $10.  Also an additional fee of $23 for same sex couples.  Equal?  I think not.  Why can't we go to City Hall and wait in line to be committed?

One of my favorite Pix from Donovan

We had to get the form notarized, so I called a friend of mine, Rachel who verified our identities and stamped the form after giving her our fingerprints.  Off to the Post Office to mail our form and it was done.

Rachel filling out her part

Tom looking for ID

Time to verify

Money Order to the Secretary of State

Declaration of Domestic Partnership

No fanfare at the USPS

Double the Help

It's in the mail
So now we wait.  We decided on not changing names, which was an option.  We thought about changing it to TravelingDog, but I like my name.  It was a great way of spending my birthday.  Off to crochet and then a pork meal with homemade applesauce, compliments of my Domestic Partner, Tom!

Birthdays and BuddyJack Day

I've been wondering what I am going to talk about on this blog.  It's been great developing a discipline about writing often and I would prefer not to lose that.  Today is my birthday.  Celebrating 46 years.  Entering my 47th.  Yesterday we celebrated BuddyJack Day.

BuddyJack came into our lives as a wandering dog in the Merrimaker.  It was getting late in the night and the bartender, Lindsey, suggested we take him home due to the fact we were "dog people."  We did bring him home and took a picture of him the following morning.  I posted some signs around the neighborhood asking if anybody lost a dog.  Tom made sure that I didn't name him, so not to get attached.

About a week later, I got a phone call about Buddy.  Yes, I did name him after a few days.  He had become a part of the family and I was sad that someone was calling to claim him.  We set up a day and a time for the owner to come retrieve Buddy.

His human came and we chatted about Buddy for a short while.  It seemed that Buddy was a runner and it had cost the owner huge amounts of monies for fines from the dog catcher.  The owner was thinking about giving him to a ranch or somewhere else.  I found my in and stated that I would keep him.  The man said OK and let me know that his name was Jack.

It was my birthday two years ago and BuddyJack was my gift.  He got his new name from our friend Sam.  I liked Buddy.  His name was Jack.  Sam said "Call him BuddyJack!"  Perfect.  Last year his name was placed on the calendar as BuddyJack Day, October 24.

Today, after Tom quit his job yesterday, we are going to register as Domestic Partners in order for him to get on my insurance plans.  I am also going to learn how to crochet today.  It's going to be an interesting few months ahead.  Looking forward to it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Final Stretch

We headed out of Ely and back into the world of Route 6 and desert like conditions.  Passing the Lunar Crater, we were finally at the the last day.  I appreciate the fact that you stuck around, knowing, for the most of you, that we arrived back home last month.  Tom asked me how long it would take to write this story down.  I told him a week.  It's been over a month.  I never knew it would take so long with a full time job and a tendency to delay.  Here we are though!  The last day of driving.

Back to the story.  We left Ely, headed West towards Tonopah, Nevada.  I am pretty glad that we spent the time in Ely and didn't drive last night towards the Clown Motel.  The ride was long and windy.  We arrived in Tonopah in the morning, got some gas and a donut with some coffee.  Across the street from the gas station was this monument of sorts.

Jim & Belle Butler, Adam Skiles, 2007

The Butler's had staked a silver claim in Tonopah, starting a mining renaissance in the area.  Fortunately for the city, it became their renaissance, too.  Although, from what I saw, it could use a bit more.  Heading out of town was the main attraction, at least for us.  The Clown Motel!

Bikers Welcome!

Clowns Everywhere!

Need Information?  Follow the Fingers!

I definitely would plan on staying here on my next drive through.  It's always amazing to me that in a small town like this, if you build it, they will come.  Next door to the Clown Motel was this amazing cemetery.  From 1901-1911 it had been the townsfolk's eternal resting place.  Well, I guess it still is.

We headed back on to the road and found ourselves back in the desert surroundings in a heartbeat.  Outside of town, by about ten minutes, was an abandoned area.  It appeared to have been an old lodging, eating and gas place.  The buildings were all but demolished and the trash surrounding the place was aplenty.  Graffiti was everywhere including on the sign below.

Davey B = Bar Sluts

Passing by Boundary Peak, the highest point in Nevada, we entered back into the state of California.  A few miles more, we passed Benton.  another 30 and we would be in Bishop.  Our final destination on Route 6.  I was very excited.  Where would the sign be that I heard about last year?  Would it look like Ptowns?  Will there be a prize and fanfare upon our arrival?  At least they'd be a bumper sticker, "This car drove the length of Route 6!"

We saw the sign, made a u-turn and got out of the car.  Mind you, it was hot!  The first order of business was picture taking.  Dogs, Tom and then Me!

Luther & BuddyJack in Bishop, CA

I did that!

Another Road Trip Complete!

We headed into downtown Bishop and stopped at the Chamber of Commerce.  I gleefully informed the clerk standing by that we had traveled all the way from Ptown on Route 6.  In a flash, my glee turned to ire when she was unimpressed and knew nothing about Route 6.  The shop had all of the usual schlock for sale, but nothing on Route 6, only Route 395, the Sierra Nevada Highway.

It was explained to me in my research that Route 6 was renumbered in CA way back when.  The clerk did say that I could stop at the Laws Railroad Museum and Historical Site, for more information, but I decided that we had made it to our destination and I should just drive away a bit disappointed.

Route 395 was not bad.  I knew it was once Route 6 as it traveled along the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.  You have to drive South to go over the pass which will bring you over towards Bakersfield, CA.  From there, it would be just another few hours before we landed in Los Osos.

We took Route 178 off of Route 395, headed West.  We passed Lake Isabella and all it's watery glory and many visitors.  We then started to follow the Kern River, a rafters dream and a driver's escape.  The water was flowing, heading West towards the California Aqueduct where it would be collected and doled out throughout the state.

Lake Isabella

We stopped along the road at one point, knowing that this would be one of the last places on our trek for the dogs to get some fresh water time.  Cars were stopped everywhere, as it was cooler in the water and it was a scorcher outside.  We just pulled off, opened the car doors and the dogs knew what to do.  Down the ravine and to the water's bank.  A few sticks in the water and they were gladly fetching and cooling off.  For us, a bit muddy and dirty, but glad to see the dogs having a romp.

We were headed into Bakersfield, with a McDonald's at every exit and Taco Bell's at every intersection. We decided on a quick bite at McDonald's as we did not want to leave the dogs in the hot weather for more than a moment.  We did drive thru, getting and eating our fast food.  It would have been a good time for Spam.

Through Bakersfield and onto 58, past the oil wells and Buttonwillow.  This was getting familiar, especially passing by Carrizo Plains.  We only had a few more twists and turns before we reached the Los Padres National Forest and start to climb the last range towards the coast.  This last range was a tricky one.  You are going up, up, up and around and back and up.  Every time I think it's going to end, another curve, another incline.

Mountain Dunes

Before we reached that range, I took the last shot with a lot of memories from where we came from.  The dead grass and hilly range reminded me of the dunes of Provincetown.  It is one of the reasons that this blog's official name is bicoastaltravelingdog.  We are from both coasts now.  Family here and there and there and here.  No particular place to call home except us.  Today we are home in Los Osos.  Both of us back at work, dogs getting used to no "car rides" and me, getting more involved in my community.  We traveled 10,550 miles and spent $5000 during this trip.  Not bad for a month off from work.

It is fitting that I end this story now.  Sunday, October 23rd, we celebrate our 10th anniversary.  We have traveled a lot of roads together and some separately.  We have had the ups and downs of ranges and the twists and turns of waterways.  Always changing, growing, shifting.  Happy Anniversary, Tom!  Love you, Boo!