Saturday, January 29, 2011

This is a test from my iPhone to AmosTravelingDog.

One of our favorite performers

Jay Brannan came onto our radar a few years back. We missed him in LA due to my recent cold and then again in San Francisco due to work. One of these days we'll catch him live.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


So am I supposed to write on this, comment on this, plagiarize on this from this day forward? OK. So I am going to share a friend's website.
Not a big thing, but I'm going to do this the first time. Here goes:

Josh 4/4.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Un Deux Trois

So I have been muttering these three words since the new year. I am not sure why they come to mind so often these days. They seem to be muttered when there is a kismet of knowledge or thought pertaining to my direction in life.

In the recess of my mind I am reminded of an evening in NYC, while with my friend Dwayne, when we went to Cafe Un Deux Trois after watching a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54. We went to see the show after getting a few tickets from his friend Scott, who was working on the show. It was a whirlwind night with show, backstage tour and then the cafe. We ended sitting near Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick who were working some other show. Great night.

That was over ten years ago and I currently find myself working at a theater in San Luis Obispo, CA. How I got here is a long story. Now I find myself looking at moving back to MA. I recently applied to a casino in Connecticut, Mohegan Sun. They have preferential hiring for card carrying Native Americans, which I am. I should have a phone interview in a few days.

Applying online was more of a whim than a plan. I was surprised that a call came to me the morning after I sent in my application. A few phone calls to Canada, and presto, I'm a legit Indian in the eyes of Mohegan Sun.

Now the big question. What if they offer me a job?

Same work, I think, that I do now. Lighting mostly with other duties as assigned. Same pay, more or less. Closer to my family, which is important for me and one of the main reasons that I thought about looking into work back East. Lots of people here that I would be sorry to say good bye to.

Stay tuned!


In 2006, I had to steal back some images that Cafe Press refused to give back to me after a computer crash destroyed my copies. All I was able to get was thumbnails from their website.

I made this montage of the original TravelingDog, Amos.

In this image alone, he is seen at the Grand Canyon, Provincetown, Gaspe, TN, Quebec, Grasslands, CO, AZ, VT, CA, Badlands, Listuguj, Vegas, Portland, City of Rocks, Great Sand Dune, South of the Border, Joshua Tree, Pueblo Nation, Cape Cod, Lupine Ridge, Morro Rock, Mopang Stream, Lawrence, KY, Taos, TN, NY and Wakefield with his sister Goldie.

We traveled with Amos through 44 States and two territories of Canada, before he succumbed to cancer. His ashes made it through 3 more states and British Columbia.

I'm going to try and chronicle these journeys through photos and memory, using the tool of ten years of Davey B Calendars.