Thursday, January 30, 2014

Puppy and a Bud!

This video has certainly made the rounds over the past few days.  I have to admit it is so darn heartwarming.  Budweiser kicked it over the goal post on this one, at least for me.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The 2014 AmosTravelingDog Calendar

It's a new year and the TravelingDogs had been busy checking out the Roadside Attractions across the US and Canada.  Lots of Capitols, Lots of Route 66 and a return to Lewis & Clark and the Corp of Discovery.  We have traveled 49 of the United States and 9 Provinces of Canada.

I ponder in the month of December, "Where do we go from Here?"

Roadside Attractions
2014 AmosTravelingDog Calendar
Luther at Cadillac Ranch

Stage Coach BuddyJack
Luther in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Luther and BuddyJack in Pierre, South Dakota

Capital Dogs, Part II

Luther in Ottawa, Canada

Luther and BuddyJack in Springfield, Illinois

BuddyJack in Boston, MA

BuddyJack in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Corp of Discovery Dogs

Luther and Seaman

Luther on the Enchanted Highway

Route 66
Muffler Men

BJ & Lu

BuddyJack and the Cricket

BuddyJack Getting His Kicks

Luther on a Corner in Winslow, AZ

TravelingDogs and the Rusty Roosters

BuddyJack at the Gateway Arch

Luther at the Gateway Arch

Where do we go from Here?
To see where else the TravelingDogs have been, including Amos, the Original TravelingDog, and to see the history of the calendar, Click Here!  To see whether you are "In" the calendar, Click Here!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Now this is Home!

So the day of traveling New England had to come to an end.  I didn't think that I would leave this blog blank for over two months, but Tom had enough of seeing the former post over and over again.

We awoke in the morning at my folk's house.  I ran out for some some coffee as my parent's don't drink the morning Joe anymore.  It felt great to know the roads and the way to our local Starbucks. 

 "Veinte Black Eye and a Veinte Latte for David"

Back to the house where people had begun stirring.  It was going to be another long day as we were next headed to my other home, Provincetown. A trip home would not be complete without stopping in my former fishing village art colony.  But first...

We headed South on Route 93, taking the Storrow Drive exit and then a left onto Beacon Street.  Around the Boston Common once, hoping to catch one of those sole lone spots on the street that may be found by pure luck.  Around the common again as there were no spots to be found.  Into the underground parking structure located beneath the Boston Common.

We all got out of the car, leashed the pups and headed to the muggy cloudy outside.  This was one capitol that I lived near my entire childhood and most of my adult life and I had never stepped inside it.  I've rallied on the steps.  Walked by many many times.  Had drinks with friends all around it.  But never inside.  Today that would change.

We walked across the lawns of the common and headed up the hill towards the steps of the MA State House.  The signs directed us to the side of the building were Tom took the dogs and sat on a bench.  I proceeded to take my camera and my wallet.  I realized I was becoming a pro at this as I handed Tom all excess items, keys, change, etc.  Anything that would need to be removed before going through security.

The entrance was a tad dingy.  I figured that being over 200 years old was the reason the building appeared worn.  It took me a short bit to figure how to get to the rotunda and then to the senate and house galleries.  The hallways were narrow until I got to the where one would enter from the main steps.  From there, the grandeur started.

The Dome

Main Staircase Window


Hall of Flags

Doric Hall

Senate Reception Room

Senate Chamber

I took longer than usual touring the building, but still found Tom and the dogs sitting on the same bench where I left them.  We headed out of the East Entrance and back onto Beacon Street.  There was one last thing to do.  Dogs.  Capitols.  Click.  Click.

BuddyJack at the MA State House

Luther at the MA State House
I tried to get a selfie with Tom and the capitol building behind us, but it didn't go to well.  Dogs were pulling, trying, I am sure, to get to the squirrels on the lawn.  Tom was frowning and refused to smile.  I took this selfie, expressing myself at the moment.

Back in the car and with greater understanding of frowns and sticking out tongues, we headed out of the city of Boston and towards Cape Cod.  One would think that for such a small state it would not take that long to get from point A to point B.  Hours later, still on the road, we decided to stop for some lunch.

We found a place on the lower cape which was selling lobster rolls.  The sky had cleared and the heat was back, so we found a spot under a tree to park the car.  We rolled down the windows as much as we could and went inside to the counter and ordered our food.  We picked up a paper, grabbed our food and beverages and sat outside eating a couple scrumptious lobster rolls.

We arrived in Provincetown about an hour later.  I always take a right onto Conwell and then a right at Bradford, passing FarLand Provisions on the corner and then finally taking a left and a right onto Commercial Street.

Again, this was my home.  I knew the streets, the buildings, the people.

The streets were packed with pedestrians.  Years of Summers living there, one learns how to navigate a vehicle among countless hoards.  Traveling at 5 MPH, we eventually reached the end of the road.  Back onto 6A towards the monument to find some parking.

Again it was warm and muggy.  The Pilgrim's Monument often had some shaded spots.  I found one, parked the car, rolled down the windows and let the dogs know, "We'll be back!"

We walked down the hill with one thing in mind.  Pepe's!  Our friends work there and it is always our first stop upon arriving into town.  As I have mentioned before, It is the only place left in Ptown where you can have a drink, eat and have a cigarette while looking over the harbor all at the same time.  (Sad to say, the rules have now changed since then.  No smoking allowed)

We saw a few people when we first arrived at Pepe's.  One person I was looking for ca,me in a few minutes later.  He's the guy below:

Another, Miro (below) came in a bit after that.

The lunch rush was ending, so we headed upstairs to Tim & Barry's home and their outside deck.  It was great to see them all, although I was getting concerned about the dogs and the heat.  We decided to get the car and the dogs and to accept the invitation from Dwayne to park the car at the restaurant.  There is Doris Day parking and then there is Doris Day Parking.  See below!

That's us.  It stayed there for quite awhile.  Oops.
We hung out with the boys for awhile.  We even got a quick visit by Astrid, the owner of the establishment.  It was a lovely visit for all of us.

The view

Dwayne & Luther

Me and Astrid

We had an enjoyable dinner at the restaurant.  During dinner, the sound of a fife came billowing through the restaurant.  I went to check it out and found this fifer on the street playing his music.  I liked it, although after posting this on the community Facebook page, it seemed that most people did not.  I received over 100 comments about this one picture.  Glad I wasn't him.

I ended up taking a nap while Tom headed out on his own.  He went to a myriad of places, arriving home at 2:00 AM after a trip to Spiritus Pizza.  Slightly annoyed at not getting any, we soon fell asleep.  Timmy & Barry graciously gave there home for us to use for the night.  Thanks guys!

The two dudes and two dogs had more to do tomorrow.