Monday, November 28, 2011

Favorite Traveling Pix for 2012

While many of you may have seen most of these pictures in my travelogue of our trip across Canada and the States via Route 6, I've added a few more to my favorite list of 2012.

Labyrinth in Los Osos

Melody Fisher's Brains

Deep Lake, Millersylvania State Park, WA

Hope, BC, Wood Carving Capital of the World

View from Telte Yet Campground, Hope, BC

Banff National Park, Banff, BC

TeePee in Medicine Hat, AB

Road to Reserve Petro, Canada

Sunset over St. Lawrence

Restigouche River from Listuguj

Listuguj Cemetery

Leonard Harrison State Park, PA's Grand Canyon

Kinzua Bridge State Park, Johnsonburg, PA

Zippo Car at the Zippo/Case Museum, Bradford, PA

Zippo Flag, Zippo/Case Museum, Bradford, PA

Lake Erie at Showse Park, Vermillion, OH

Ethanol on the making

Field of Corn

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Holiday Lighting

An annual tradition in Provincetown is the lighting of the Pilgrim's Monument.  As my friend, Timmy, says, all the Who's in Whoville gather and celebrate the coming holidays and the community the night before Thanksgiving.  This past year, there were some people in the community that felt a situation at the monument was worth a protest.  (story here)  I am not sure how that protest affected the attendance of the lighting, but I was able to witness, through a video by HRC store manager, Cathy, the second part of the protest.

Many members of the community decided to go to the Lobster Pot Tree lighting instead of the monument.  The Annual Lobster Pot Tree lighting was wonderful.  It has been a number of years since I have lived in Ptown, but I still truly feel that it is my community still.  The amount of year rounders that I know continues to be more than I have locally, at least in facebook land.  I took the following pix last year while visiting for the holidays.

Julian Popko and his family have been making this tree for 8 years.
It is made up of 112 lobster pots and stands 20' high.
The lights will stay lit until February.

Cathy's video can be seen here.  Another video from Jim Bakker, here.  Both are on facebook, so pardon the glitches, if any.  Here's to a great start of the Holiday Season!

Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Time! Marriage Matters!

A great video from Australia.

Turkeys & The 10th Annual TravelingDog Calendar

Turkey by Lisa Huet

My favorite pie with cutouts

So Turkey day has passed.  We spent it with the Huet's last night with dinner at 5:00.  A nice crowd of 16. I made a green bean casserole and a yam dish with brandied raisins and sweetness.  I also made an apple crisp.  These may not seem much, but, I rarely cook.  Tom does most of it or I am running over to Nois for some Pad Thai.

The one thing to note is that Turkey Day has passed.  Tom is making our own turkey today while I put the finishing touches on my annual calendar.  This is the 10th annual, and very fitting that I have filled every date with a birthday or holiday.  It still showcases our dogs, Luther & BuddyJack, traveling around the country with occasional shout outs to special people.  Thanksgiving has always been my personal deadline for finishing this annual project.  I practically completed it today, except for a last shout out on facebook to see if I needed (or if anyone wanted) to add a birthday or two.  I got to add a few more, mostly relatives of people already on it.

This endeavor is always my most favorite of the year.  TravelingDog Calendar is filled with so many birthdays and special dates.  I become very emotional typing in the dates of people that have passed, most recently Les and of other friends that we may only see once a year or less.  I enjoy typing in the new people that we have met.  The research as to when the Oscars are being aired or Superbowl works google overtime.  The moon names and phases, signs of the zodiac as well as other celestial events keep it interesting for Tom and me.  Like I mentioned earlier, it is also filled with inane holidays and celebrity birthdays.  One for every day of the year.

Today I order 50 of them.  My order used to be less than 10 in the beginning.  When we moved out to CA, it was a great way to remember where we come from.  It also gave us a place to add where we were headed.  If I was to hand out a calendar to everyone on it, I would be in the 100's, but I just can't afford to purchase that many.  I tend to hand it out to 20 definite and then to some new additions and then to people I see as the year goes by.  There are many people who have no idea that they are "in" it.  It has been amusing to see someone who I know is in the calendar see there name for the first time in a calendar hanging at work or at the Maker.  It has also been wonderful to see my calendar hanging in different homes across the country.

Here's a little teaser for 2012.  I only offer this cover shot because I have used the image on facebook and on this blog.  For me it encompasses the true TravelingDogs in all of us.

Davey B's 10th Annual Photo Calendar
Coming Soon!