Amos, the original TravelingDog, was Tom's dog since before I knew him.  Amos quickly became one of my favorite animals I had ever met as we all traveled together, exploring life and land, and most importantly, each other.  The following is his history in the TravelingDog Calendar.

Our first long journey was a trip to Tom's sister's Michelle's and her partner Bob's ranch in Paso Robles, CA in January, 2003.  We had never been there before, so we arranged a Drive-Away vehicle and headed out of Ptown and onto the open road.  It gave me plenty of opportunity to take pictures of Amos along the way and back.  We spent two months driving from Ptown to CA and back to Ptown.  The best trip ever!  All the details of the trip are written down in that year's calendar, which also listed my family and our friends birthday for us to remember.

Amos Traveling Dog
2004 Davey B Calendar

Amos in Geneva, New York
January, 2004

Amos in New Mexico
February, 2004

Amos in Joshua Tree National Park, CA
March 2004

Amos in Hollywood
April, 2004

Amos in San Simeon, CA
May, 2004

Amos at the Ranch in Paso Robles, CA
June, 2004

Amos in Redwood National Park, CA
July, 2004

Amos in Pueblo Nation, NM
August, 2004

Amos in Vegas
September, 2004

Amos in Taos, NM
October, 2004

Amos in Green Mountain National Forest
November, 2004

Amos in Lincoln, VT
December, 2004

In October, 2004, we had decided to make a jump and move from Ptown.  Our plan was to stop in Silver City, NM where I had a few prospects, and if they did not pan out, back to the ranch in Paso.  Being away from Ptown, I had to use CopyMax to make the new calendars.  I previously used a local print shop so I was able to create my own template and add in what I wanted.  I added Tom's family in the calendar that year.

My computer crashed that December, after I had put  the calendar to bed, and I lost most of the pictures that were in the 2005 Calendar.  I had uploaded them onto a printing website, Cafe Press, but they refused to release them to me.  I still have never gotten them back, but copied the images from their website.  I made the montage above from those snippets.

Amos @ 254 Bradford, Winter
Cover, 2005

Amos @ Dave & Aimee's
January, 2005

Amos @ the Grand Canyon
February, 2005

Amos in the Badlands
March, 2005

Amos in the City of Rocks
May, 2005

Amos in the Gaspe
June, 2005

Amos @ the Great Sand Dune
July, 2005

Amos in Lees Ferry, AZ
August, 2005

Amos in Restigouche
September, 2005

Amos @ Indiana Dunes National Park
October, 2005

Amos & Pedro
November, 2005

Amos @ the Arroyo
December, 2005

2005 was an interesting year.  We had to return to Provincetown because we couldn't find enough work in CA.  The only  job I could find was being a stock boy at Takken's Shoes.  It was barely enough to pay the car payment, let alone eat and live and start a life in a new state.  We arrived back in Ptown in April and started our normal seasonal jobs, hoping for a better opportunity.

The 2006 Calendar was my favorite.  Along with the Amos photos, I also put smaller photos in the date boxes commemorating different friend's and family's photos.  I also started to add more people's birthdays of people who knew Amos.  

2006 Davey B Photo Calendar

Amos at Morro Rock, Morro Bay State Park, Morro Bay, CA
January, 2006

Amos at Lupine Ridge, Paso Robles, CA
February, 2006

Amos at Panther Creek State Park, Morristown, TN
March, 2006

Amos and the Bouys, Provincetown, MA
April, 2006

Amos in Portland, ME
May, 2006

Amos at Mopang Stream Rest Area, ME
June, 2006

Amos in Salmon River, New Brunswick, Canada
July, 2006

Amos in the Woods, Listuguj, Quebec, Canada
August, 2006

Amos at Hopewell Rocks, Fundi National Park, NB, Canada
September, 2006

Amos at First Landing, Cape Cod National Seashore, MA
October, 2006

Amos in Lake Champlain, Sand Bar State Park, NY
November, 2006

Amos and the Prayer Flags, Lincoln, VT
December, 2006

We moved back to California in January, 2006.  We traveled there via Florida to see my father and then west towards Texas and then over to California.  It was my intention to hit every state in the country with Amos.  We only had the Northwest left to see at this point.

2007 Davey B Photo Calendar

Amos at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
January, 2007

Amos with Mountain Ears, Texas
February, 2007

Amos with "46" Grapes, California
March, 2007

Amos and the Oil Wells, California
April, 2007

Amos and the Nuclear Power Plant, Delaware
May, 2007

Amos at Big Bend National Park, Texas
June, 2007

Amos at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida
July, 2007

Amos at the Shore, North Carolina
August, 2007

Amos in Study Butte, Texas
September, 2007

Amos at Dawn, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico
October, 2007

Amos at Night, Savannah, Georgia
November, 2007

Amos at Cumea Ranch, Paso Robles, CA
December, 2007

Amos died on August 24, 2006 from cancer.  As I stated, he was the best dog I have ever met.  Amos was cremated and his ashes were dispersed in a few locations around the country.  His ashes also went for a final road trip close to a year after his death up to the Northwest and British Columbia.  With that final trip, he visited in 46 states and 3 provinces in Canada.

I owe Amos everything that is TravelingDog.  He was the inspiration and always will be.