Monday, May 30, 2011

Affordable Rent

We left Provincetown because we could no longer afford to live there.

We arrived in CA, the second time, to live in a 365 day economy.  We found it.  Me at CalPoly PAC and Tommy at Cal Poly Corporation.  When we first got here, I said that $2000 was necessary for our survival.  That was $250 a week take home for the both of us.  Doable.  I miss the people of Ptown, but still hear of people having to leave due to in-affordability and lack of year round housing.

I've paid nothing, $600, $1200, $1400 and $800 a month since moving to CA.  I owe much to Tom's sister, Michelle and her partner, Bob for our first year here.  I learned that one needs to have a place to land, to sleep, eat.  For free.

We came with everything in our car.  Two Dudes and Amos.  Our life together in a Saturn Vue.  Landed in Paso Robles at 4520 Stags Leap Way. A100 acre Olive Ranch.  A dream.

Next I am living in Atascadero for that $600 a month.  Rats and a leaking roof.  Close to bus stop and Terry's Bar and Grill.  (Another story)

Found a better place.  In Los Osos at 1042 Nipomo Ave.  $1200.  Stayed there a while, but fought with Jason, the landlord, about his being on the property too much.   That led us to $1400.  1497 15th Street.  Too much for shelter.  New move to Merrimaker.  Community and Affordable.  $800 including utilities.

I am a member of the Provincetown Community Group on Facebook.  A short time ago, there was a hullabaloo about who belongs on the page and who does not.  I kept quiet on the subject as my former partner, Christian, was the one doing the most squawking.

I bring it up only to note that there are still people leaving due to no affordable housing, let alone, year round.  I had to travel 3000 miles to find, after 5 years, an affordable place to love.

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th.

Special day.  we moved our big stuff in.  I currently work on a board that came with the Barco at work.

Buddha looking at the bay.

Everything else is gone.  Only our bed, two office chairs, a massage table covered with two fabrics and one wooden projection holder.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our New Home.

So we are moving.  1301 1/2 2nd Street (despite previous statements by me).  We are going to save half the rent we are paying now.  Amazing!

The view from our bedroom.

Today was a big day.  Important Day.  CA League of Cities was at the PAC.  Mayors from all around three counties.  My type of party.  Seriously.

I love Municipal Government!

Local, State, Federal.  They all mean something to me.  I get the feds.  The state I get.  Local, I get too, especially after living in Provincetown.

We had Selectmen.

A group of 5 elected by it's citizens.  A community of less than 3,000 huddled at the tip of Cape Cod.  First Landing of the Pilgrims.  That's were I met Amos.