Sunday, May 31, 2015

Holy Crap!


What a ride it has been.  I'm still catching my breath.

Let's recap.

MA to CA to MA to CA.  CA to Ptown .  Ptown to CA to Lawrence.  Met some Bavarians.  Snow.  The most evah! Got a few job offers along the way and renovated two rooms at my folks house.  Back to Ptown.  At Pepe's Wharf for my 2nd season.  Loving it.

Two Dudes and Two Dogs are still traveling.  Tom's chopping dill.  BuddyJack has his ball.  Luther's in the bathroom.  The rain is dropping in the alley.  Restaurant is closed for a few days.  Alas.

Tomorrow is my directorial debut for Showgirls.  Astrid is going to kick it!  So are the Freaks.

The plane has taken off.