Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Beer Can House

Tom, myself and the TravelingDogs traveled to MA for the holidays with a plan.  I wanted to see the largest ball of twine and Tom wanted to see the Beer Can House in Houston, Texas.  In honor of Beer Can Appreciation Day, January 24th, I offer this montage of the world renowned house built to the ire of the owner's neighbors.

As you head towards the house, off the highway, you find yourself in a fairly tight neighborhood.  We often stop at the roadside attractions that we run across as we travel around the country.  Most are in open spaces or in the middle of nowhere.  As you can tell from the pictures above and below, this was simply a house surrounded by other houses.

We parked the car on the street after finding an open space.  The Beer Can House was busy with lots of tourists coming from all around the world.  Foreign languages were heard from the peoples coming and going and the license plates told us that this was a unique destination for people driving through.

John Milkovisch, a retired upholsterer for the Southern Pacific Railroad started the project in 1968.  He started to inlay marbles, rocks and metal pieces into concrete in order to avoid mowing the grass.  Once the front and back yards were covered, he started to side his house with aluminum cans, beer cans.  John drank ALL of the beer needed, estimated at 50,000 cans, to produce the unique and decorative aluminum siding covering his house and outbuilding.

What's your favorite choice?

Beer Bottles and Beer Cans Wall

Gift Shop and Admissions

Snipped Beer Cans can form some amazing Art

The house was covered from foundation to roof.

John Milkovisch with a beer, of course!

When you pay admission, you are allowed to enter the house.  It is quite modest, but what does stick out are the creations made from aluminum.  There are also changes which he made to the house.

Aluminum Tapestry

Cat Swatter?

A floor with individually cut tile within tile.

A selection of Aluminum

Definitely a 60's/70's feel in the house.

Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Using everything.

The shimmer in the sun was brilliant!

Great symmetry in all of the pieces.

And so it begins in 1968.

Live by Golden Rule at 222 Malone in Houston, Texas!

Luther at the Beer Can House

Tom and the TravelingDogs 
David and the TravelingDogs

It was a great visit to the Beer Can House.  The house is now under the care of the Orange Show for Visionary Art.  Admission is $2 and is open Saturdays and Sundays from Noon to 5:00 PM.  Check it out and tell them the TravelingDogs sent you!  Bottoms up!

Puppy Bowl VIII - Starting Line Up

The Starting Line Up for Puppy Bowl VIII has been picked.
Who is your favorite?

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars like you've NEVER seen before!

I have no idea if this will stay up, but if and when it goes, it will be a sad day.
Tremendous work by Aaron Valdez & Bryan Pugh!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dogs in Tune

I don't actually hear the tune so much until some seconds in, but is there nothing better than barking dogs in tune.  It reminds me of the 1955 Christmas Classic Jingle Bells by Dr. Demento and the Singing Dogs.

I really liked this video I saw posted on another blog.  It truly shows the human spirit in action.  Looks like I'll be friending this man on facebook.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dogs Against Romney

I have recently found a great blog about the abuses Mitt Romney caused against his Dog Seamus.  The story continues to be spread.  Follow along Dogs Against Romney in honor of Seamus.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Luther & BuddyJack at Clapps Pond, Provincetown, MA

We traveled to Massachusetts a little over a year ago to visit family and friends for the holidays.  It was the usual road trip with Two Dudes and Two Dogs.  We always head down to Provincetown to see our non-related family on the tip of Cape Cod.  This day, we packed up the car with an additional dudette, Kate, and headed form her house to Ptown to spend a few days at the Gallery Inn.  The manager, Rob, a friend for many years had offered us a few rooms for a few nights.

The drive down the cape was treacherous as there was a pretty big storm happening.  Driving down the snow covered highways at 30 mph certainly made the trip longer than usual.  I must admit that I was impressed with my driving skills through the snow.  I still had the technique down after 5 years in CA.

We had the opportunity to take the dogs for a walk at Clapps Pond, a beautiful wooded conservation area on Route 6 East.  Tom used to take daily walks with Amos here when he lived in Provincetown.  I joined him sometimes.  The paths are varied in width and grade.   On this day, there was a freshly fallen snow gently covering the paths.

BuddyJack & Luther are not the best behaved dogs, or rather, we may not have been the best teachers.  Our experience in this area with Amos was to let him run off leash.  He was a good dog.  We sometimes think that the current pack will somehow miraculously be better dogs.  We took them off their leashes and Bam!  They were off.  We were very fortunate for the temperature (not too many people out) and the fresh snow (it showed their paw prints nicely).

Tom and I walked the path with a bit of fear of losing the dogs and a lot of joy of being back in Ptown on this beautiful winter day.  Up and down the grades, following the prints in the snow until they just stopped. Oops...Looks like they may have gone off path.  How do you find dogs in the middle of woods on a sand dune?  You don't!  They'll find you.

Out of nowhere, Two Dogs come a running, loving the snow and the open space.  We stopped and took these shots of the TravelingDogs.  It became the January photo for this year's calendar.  

The January Photo on the TravelingDog Calendar
and the outtakes

Clapps Pond gets 4 Barks!  Check it out on your next visit to Provincetown.  Hike it with your furry friends or non-furry ones.  Beautiful in all seasons and a great respite from the bustling Commercial Street.